I am a retired board certified neurologist who at one time was a medical student representative and later member of the AMA. At least, once a year, I would travel to Chicago, and left wing city, to attend AMA conventions. Initially, I did not recognize what the AMA was really all about. However, because I sure in Vietnam prior to medical school as a psychological operations officer, and studied communist doctrine, and experienced that extensively, I started to suspect something going wrong with this organization. The coup de grace was when the communist Barack Obama was elected President and championed Obamacare legislation. I quit the AMA immediately. Unfortunately, few of my medical colleagues then and now, are politically savvy enough to penetrate the communist jargon of our politicians today. This is going to be a difficult battle.

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I sent this to my brother, a Boston trained Interventional Cardiologist. He fell for the jab bs so I was a bit nervous he would have fallen for this garbage, too.

Good news. He, and almost all the doctors in his hospital (where he is the Medical Director) don’t belong to the AMA.

I forwarded your podcast (and everything ‘James Lindsay’) to him.

Thank you for this important work, James.

Quick question. Have you done one on the scamdemic? Specifically?

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"Anything could be true. The so-called laws of nature were nonsense. The law of gravity was nonsense. "If I wished," O'Brien had said, "I could float off this floor like a soap bubble." Winston worked it out. "If he thinks he floats off the floor, and if I simultaneously think I see him do it, then the thing happens." Suddenly, like a lump of submerged wreckage breaking the surface of water, the thought burst into his mind: "It doesn't really happen. We imagine it. It is hallucination." He pushed the thought under instantly. The fallacy was obvious. It presupposed that somewhere or other, outside oneself, there was a "real" world where "real" things happened. But how could there be such a world? What knowledge have we of anything, save through our own minds? All happenings are in the mind. Whatever happens in all minds, truly happens." 1984

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I am 12 minutes in.... unless you come back on this, what is what you was saying about R Maxwell? Thats a gem of a story there.

I have a feeling this is "one of those episodes" I think about for weeks.

This is a societal contagion.

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42:51 - Grace Lee Boggs with her biblical jargon to manipulate Christians, “...powers and principalities...”!

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