Well, the joke is on me! I'm still laughing!

Listening to this podcast was very helpful, and eye-opening for me. All of your material has helped me a lot, to understand, and to be able to see the bigger picture, but this one is my absolute favorite!

Let me explain how this particular podcast brought it home for me, and left me laughing at myself as I finally 'got it'.

So, you made the point that we need to realize that we don't need to become an expert on the current thing, bracing ourselves for battle about this side or that side. Instead, it will help us to understand that the current thing is more like a Punch and Judy show or a children's backyard theatre play*, and turn our focus to the deeper and wider picture of 'how does this benefit their revolution'.

Then at the end you said, "I hope this helps". And that's when the penny dropped, I realized that the joke is on me, I broke out in delirious laughter, and am still laughing at myself. You made my day!

Here's the punchline: Months ago, I spent hours and hours and still more hours becoming an absolute, 100 % excellent expert on the history of the relationship between Ukraine and Russia. May I say: LOL? Complete with maps evolving over time. More LOL!

So, yes, it helps, and I finally see the bigger picture. Thank you so very much. I love the clarity of your explanations.

*No disrespect intended to the people involved in these only-too-real, actual conflicts. Just a device to help me understand what Dr. Lindsay means when he says that these events didn't happen.

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I would like to share this and other items of your with "embedded" format; gets more attention when just a link on bold letters. If you can have that feature added to your "share" selections; would appreciate it so much. Thanks

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Thankful for your genius on these current happenings. Makes perfect sense. Good on you, James, keep it up.

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Nov 27, 2023·edited Nov 27, 2023

Thanks for putting this together. A few years back when the statues were coming down I felt like the 60's Chinese cultural revolution had come to the US.

Everything for the revolution is their mantra and nothing exists outside of that. I noticed that marxists always lie about people's motives and I'm thinking we can play that game. They supposedly attribute all their actions to support the revolution. What if we attribute all their actions are really in support of.....grooming children? Then reject everything they run at us because it ultimately supports grooming children. Flip the script.

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Aw, no. It was so disappointing to hear him using terms like, "radical Fundamentalist Muslims", and the made up term, "Islamist." "Fundamentalist", is correct. That's what they are. But they are in no way, "radical." They are following Islam as it's commanded in their texts and as exemplified by Mohammad. It's just ISLAM. And no Muslim refers to themselves as an, "Islamist."

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